Yaa Naa Banishes Yendi Divisional Police Commander From Dagbong

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Yesterday marked the last day of service for Chief Superintendent Peter Akokor Ayirezang, the Yendi Divisional Police Commander in Yendi Municipal and by extension Dagbong. This fiat was issued by the Overlord of Dagbong in a consultative meeting with the Yendi District Police Commander, District Crime Officer and the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) Officer.

In the said meeting, the Yaa Naa issued an ultimatum of 7pm yesterday for the divisional commander to pack his bag and baggage. In adherence to the directive, the aforementioned trio indeed facilitated the packing and subsequent exit of the Divisional Police Commander from Yendi before the ultimatum elapsed.


This action was triggered by the Divisional Police Commander’s brazen and wanton disregard towards the Yani Skin and traditional authority on a chieftaincy dispute in one of the communities in the Tatale Sanguli district within his division.

The Overlord had sent his messengers to the divisional police commander to withdraw the case for settlement at the Gbewaa Palace, since it bothered on chieftaincy, and to the dismay of the messengers, it’s alleged that, the commander shouted with scorn “who is Yaa Naa”?

This highly distasteful statement angered the Overlord, his palace subjects and Yendi youth to call for his banishment from the soil to serve as a deterrent to other departments and agencies in Yendi and also remind them to accord the Palace the privileges and courtesies it deserves.

It would be recalled that this is not the first act of disrespect from the District and Divisional Police Command towards the skin. On 16th January 2020, the police in Yendi assaulted a driver and his mate who had sought refuge at the Gbewaa Palace. It took the Regional Police Commander through a letter dated 24th January 2020 to apologize on behalf of his men for the unprofessional conduct and also assured that such incident will never repeat.

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