Refurbished Tractors up for grabs

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PREMIUM AFRICA HOLDINGS, an Africa focused investment holding company is partnering with GÜLER TRADE, a world leader in refurbished tractors to provide tractors for farmers in Africa at highly subsidized prices to increase farm output.

This announcement was made by Farouk Khailann, Chief Operations Officer of PREMIUM AFRICA HOLDINGS on his various social media platforms including Facebook, Linkedln and Instagram. According to Farouk Khailann, the said partnership will “allocate five hundred (500) refurbished tractors to ten (10) African economies to support the ACFTA agenda”

“The Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement will ensure that Africa becomes a single trade block. In order for various sectors of African economies to fully maximize this game changing opportunity, it is required that productivity is scaled up to serve Africa’s $2.6 trillion market.” Farouk Khailann


The Secretariat for the African Continental Free Trade Area was commissioned in Accra. Ghana on August 17, 2020. It’s main objective is to facilitate intra African Trade and establish a single continental market for goods and services.

Khailann’s Linkedln

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