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Recounting the breath-taking experience at the just endedEdupro Ghana Spelling Bee competition at the studios of EBN TV on Saturday, 29th August, 2020, this can be described as nothing less than spectacular. The journey of producing a national spelling bee champion began during the early part of the year prior to the abrupt closure of schools due to COVID 19 and its related issues. It is worth mentioning that the sudden halt did not deter the stakeholders of Peak Lyceum, but created an avenue for them to display their undeniable feat in educational matters as replicated in previous years.

The feverish atmosphere which dominated the hall during the regional spelling competition was suddenly swallowed up when chants of “WOOOOW” filled the air as Ekow Hagan, a seventh grader of Peak Lyceum, broke the tie to place his name on record as a Regional Champion. In close succession was Elorm Amankwah, a third grader of peak Lyceum who matchlessly made his way as a co-champion in the primary division of the contest. The victory from the regional championship fuelled our Peakians to burn the midnight oil in view of the Grand National Championship.

Young Ekow stepped onto the national stage at the call, “Speller 001”. Mastering the atmosphere, he responded in a calm voice and spelt his first word within few seconds without using any of the lifeline questions of spellers. The second word and third followed in succession and he justly spelt without further questioning. The atmosphere got tensed as the pronouncer spewed the word, hydroxychloroquine; however,Ekow added to the tension by effortlessly spelling the word without a pause in his utterance. In the event, he spelt all words shot at him with unusual speed.

From right, Ekow Hagan, Elorm Amankwah and Head, Upper Primary and Junior High School

In the words of the moderators, “A debut at the national level of The Ghana Spelling Bee and lifting the trophy is not a business for idle hands”. Other participating schools could not hide their awe and wonder though they have participated in the contest for years. We congratulate Ekow Hagan and Elorm Amankwah for lifting Peak Lyceum above the clouds at the grand finals to win The 2020 Ghana Spelling Bee Championship. To this and many more in the offing, we invite all and sundry to join in our celebration to thank God Almighty as Peak Lyceum opens its doors to welcome new admissions into the haven of excellence. Peak Lyceum which an international school was established over a decade ago and it can be located at a serene location in Community 22 Tema.

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