Paradigm Initiative’s Statement on Internet Disruptions in Senegal.

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Paradigm Initiative, a notable ICT policy think tank, has issued a statement in respect of internet disruptions that occurred in Senegal on March 5, 2021. Social media platforms on which these internet disruptions occurred included WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.

In a s press release, dated March 9, 2021, signed by Valery Nijaba, Communications Officer at Paradigm Iniative , the organization expressed concerns about the said internet disruptions, saying that “the disturbances of the internet and social media networks are a violation of digital user rights and a violation of certain internet rights according to the Senegal constitution, Article 8 which guarantees its “citizens fundamental individual freedoms, including freedom of opinion, expression, the press , association, the assembly, travel and demonstration”

Paradigm Initiative has called on the Senegalese government to work towards a lasting solution to protect and respect digital rights of its citizens. Kindly find below, a copy of the press release.

English version of press statement
French version of press statement

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