NDC built Kejetia Market in Kumasi to boost local economy, NOT to win votes: Felix Kwakye Ofosu

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Former Deputy Communications Minister and NDC parliamentary candidate for the Abura Asebu Kwamankese Constituency, Felix Kwakye Ofosu believs that the NDC does not discriminate against regions when it comes to investments, especially infrastructure projects. “we do not do so on the basis of political consideration. We think that every region should get its adequate share” Felix Kwakye

He made this known on JoyNews’ PM Express show with Host, Evans Mensah. According to Felix Kwakye, “we don’t set out policies simply because one particular region votes for us more than the other. A good example is the Kejetia market in kumasi.

There were those who said we don’t do too well in the Ashanti region in terms of votes so why go put an investment there, but the consideration that went into it was economic and developmental in scope because that region is huge and that is the sort of infrastructure they need to boost the local economy”

He added “If the Ashanti region does well , Ghana would naturally do well and if Ghana does well, it inures to the benefit of whichever government is in power so when you’re going to do an investment like that you consider the benefits to those living in the region first and foremost and the overall benefits to the country and make the investment”

Bird’s – eye view of Kejetia Market, Kumasi

Felix advanced these arguments when Evans Mensah, Host of the show suggested to him that the alleged reason for building the Kejetia Market in Kumasi was a political strategy to canvass votes in the Ashanti region. “ for the Ashanti region as they say ‘you don’t preach to the converted so you are gonna put it there because you believe you can break into your opponent’s stronghold” Evans quizzed.

Evans also claimed that the Greater Accra and Ashanti region had the most mentions in the NDCs manifesto launch, 19 and 18 mentions respectively. This again, he called political strategy. These claims where however denied by, Felix Kwakye.

The NDC communicator maintained that investments by the NDC are based on economic significance and not votes. “Accra, administratively and economically is the leading region, followed by the Ashanti region so it is only natural that when formulating policies , Accra will get significant mentions but not because we are making a pitch for votes in Greater Accra simply because of the numbers involved”

The Fmr. Deputy Communications Minister concluded his arguments by stating emphatically that “If you have a region of such strategic importance economically as the Ashanti region and you underinvest there simply because you don’t get a certain number of votes , you’ll be shooting your self in the foot because when that region does well economically it has a certain rippling effect on the performance of the economy generally and if the economy does well and you’re in government you stand to reap the benefits because people then would appreciate the work that you’re doing so if you go and formulate a policy which deliberately starves a particular region of development despite its strategic importance to national development and economic growth then you’re shooting yourself in the foot”

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