#JoycelynTettehSpelling🐝competition gets to Wusuta educational circuit, North Dayi District.

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#JoycelynTettehSpelling🐝competition, a component of the EDU-RIGHT initiative by Hon. Member of Parliament for North Dayi Constituency, Joycelyn Tetteh, was held for primary and junior high schools within Wusuta educational circuit in the North Dayi District, Volta region of Ghana. The competition took place on Thursday, July 29, 2021 at the Wusuta Roman Catholic Chapel.

Hoyah Happy from Owusu Memorial School and Gavua Shine from Wusuta E.P School emerged winners of the #JoycelynTettehSpelling🐝 competition for the junior high school and primary sections, respectively. The winners took home cash prizes, school bags, branded books and pens.

Six (6) educational circuits make up the Ghana Education Service (GES), North Dayi District. Today’s competition makes Wusuta the fourth (4th) educational circuit to benefit, with two (2) circuits remaining. After #JoycelynTettehSpelling🐝competition takes place in all six (6), there will be a grande finale for winners from the various educational circuits within North Dayi District. The winner at the grande finale is expected to benefit from a fully funded educational scholarship package from the current educational level to the university.

Winners of #JoycelynTettehSpelling🐝competition, Wusuta educational circuit;

Primary School Section

1st position: Gavua Shine, Wusuta E.P. Primary School.

2nd position: Korsipa Solomon, Wusuta Resettlement.

3rd position: Amewutse Carol, Royal Academy.

4th position: Agbotsu Esinam, Wusuta R.C Primary School.

5th position: Ampah Stephen, Wusuta R.C Primary School.

6th position: Masseme Kekeli, Brains Academy.

Junior High School section

1st position: Hoyah Happy, Owusu Memorial Junior High School.

2nd position: Agble Joel, R.C Junior High School.

3rd position: Adoboe Abigail, Royal Academy.

4th position: Tome Samuel, Prah Memorial Junior High School.

5th position: Fafantoh Priscilla, Prah Memorial Junior High School.

6th position: Bodzabie Kingsley, Owusu E.P Junior High School.

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