If Adam Mahama is not on the run, why has he not reported to the Special Prosecutor?: Godfred Dame

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The Deputy Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame has questioned persons who seem to make a sham out of the red alert issued by Interpol for Adam Mahama.

Speaking to Abena Tabi on KeyPoints, he justified the red notice which was issued by Interpol upon request by the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the Deputy Minister quizzed, “if he is not on the run, why has he not reported?

The opposition NDC still maintain that, Adam Mahama, brother of former President Mahama is not on the run, he’s not a fugitive so why the red alert issue ? and that this is just a sham of an investigation

To persons doubting the validity of the aforementioned red alert, the Deputy Minister said “ some people can go ahead and doubt it but maybe time will catch up with them. If they want to bury their heads in the sun and say no red alert has been issued, it’s entirely up to them”

He emphasized the independence of the Office of the Special Prosecutor and that the Attorney General does not exercise direct control over the OSP hence he could not make a definite statement on the stage of the investigation.

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