Gov’t should sit up in the fight against corruption: Kweku Baako Jnr

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A regular panelist on JoyNews’ newsfile and Editor- in- Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper Abdul- Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, emphatically expressed his dissatisfaction with Ghana’s antigraft agencies especially for their failure to publish reports on corruption related matters in the country.

Speaking to Samson Lardy, host of newsfile, the revered journalist questioned the progress of corruption cases such as the PDS scandal, galamsey exposé by Tiger Eye P. I. among others. The discussion was in relation to Corruption Perception Indexes (CPI) by Afrobatometer.

“This administration must have the courage to accept the challenges that things aren’t going the right way and whatever you are doing is insufficient in curing this corruption challenge”.

He began his lamentation with the Right to Information Act by questioning the inertia on the part of government. “The RTI act, what’s happening? There’s supposed to be a commission but it’s not visible, it’s not transparent. The inertia is unacceptable, it’s delayed , we don’t see anything , we don’t hear anything so then you are killing the spirit of the RTI act. We are not seeing results so it’s a minus”

Kweku Baako Jnr proceeded to the Office of the Special Prosecutor, saying “Same way OSP , to be honest where is the visibility? where’s the transparency? where is the product in terms of outcome ? Again, the galamsey investigation by Tiger Eye P.I . What is the status of that investigation? we don’t hear anything, we don’t see anything”.

“PDS, all the things surrounding it, it wasn’t a tidy process in my candid opinion. At the end of the day the government and the USA even clashed. People are asking questions especially relative to the revenue aspect, make it public. I remember the finance minister indicating that the fraud aspects has been handed to the CID, what is the status”?

”Key point is, government should sit up. Allegations are made, investigations are made, you direct to appropriate institutions but if nobody is seeing anything and if there is nothing happening, it is as if you’re doing nothing at all”. Conversely, he cited corruption cases that were dealt with and made public. Amongst them were: the Cash for seat saga, Boakye Agyarko’s bribery allegation scandal which was dealt with parliament as well as the “so called $ 2.5 billion Kenbond”.

He suggested to the agencies “Make reports public then if there are findings and recommendations, seek to implement them, otherwise the perception will remain a reality because nobody is seeing action.

In his last remarks, Kweku Baako supported the accountability call by the minority NDC on the government to publish revenues collected from consumers when PDS took over from ECG by saying “ I’m with them on that score, you can’t be against it because it’s a legitimate line of inquiry but it is the responsibility of the incumbent administration to provide the answers”.

He concluded by bemoaning “ to be honest with you, I don’t think the fight has been that much effective.

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