Dr. Wunpini calls for gender inclusion in panel discussions. #EndManelsNow

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Dr. Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed, an Assistant Professor of Global Media Industries at the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication, USA, has questioned JoyNews’ degree of gender inclusion in their panel discussions.

This appears to be Dr. Wunpini’s most recent call to media houses in Ghana concerning the absolute ignoring of women in panel discussions on television and radio shows.

Dr. Wunpini took to her Facebook wall this afternoon to critique a number of upcoming television programmes with all panels being males, leaving out women.

The thematic areas to be discussed on the said shows include environment, law and politics.

Dr. Wunpini provided names of women with their respective expertise who could have been invited to deliberate on such topics. Below is a screenshot from her Facebook page

4 thoughts on “Dr. Wunpini calls for gender inclusion in panel discussions. #EndManelsNow

  1. It is but fair that female experts are brought to these discussions. This could probably help bring sanity to some of the discussions we have been watching in a very long while.

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